Mouthguards for Lifting: What I Would Buy

When you’re buying a mouthguard, you should want to make sure that you’re getting something high quality, because it should actually be protecting you. On top of this, you’re putting it in your mouth, so it shouldn’t be falling apart or be made of nasty chemicals.

After trying a few mouthguards over the years, my favorite is the 5DS Mouthguard from New Age Performance (link to Amazon).Opens in a new tab. It fits to conform your mouth, feels as natural as a mouthguard can, and keeps your mouth and everything inside it safe.

If you’re buying a mouthguard for safety, or for any reason, you should want to make sure that the one you buy is high quality and isn’t going to fall apart in your mouth. Below, I’ll show you some of the best brands, as well as how to pick your own high-quality mouthguard.

What to Look for When Buying a Mouthguard

When it comes to mouthguards, or anything you’re putting in your mouth/body, you want to make sure you buy something that’s safe, and built to last. Here are some things you should look for:

  • Quality: As I said earlier, if you’re putting something in your mouth, you want to make sure that it’s high-quality. Check reviews before buying, or even ask your friends about the mouthguards they use.
  • Brand Reputation: Brand reputation isn’t everything, but it’s sometimes good to look at. Have you heard of the brand before? If not, are they a sketchy Chinese company? Make sure the brand of mouthguard that you’re buying has a good reputation.
  • Built for Your Purposes: Not all mouthguards are meant for the same thing. Some are meant for lifting, but others are meant for boxing, other sports, or even sleeping. Make sure that the one you buy is meant for lifting, or at the very least, sports.
  • Reasonable Pricing: Some mouthguards are high-quality, but are very overpriced. In my opinion, it’s not necessary to spend copious amounts of money on a mouthguard that you only wear in the gym. Make sure yours is high-quality, but don’t overspend on it.

Top Mouthguards to Consider

  • Venum – Their Challenger Mouthguard (link to Amazon)Opens in a new tab. is my second choice. It’s traditionally meant for martial arts, but it’ll do the job for lifting weights.
  • Geeksport Mouthguard – This is a cheaper option, so it might not last you as long, but it’s a great starting point for deciding if you want to use a mouthguard or not.
  • Everlast Evershield – This mouthguard is a bit more expensive, but it’s made by Everlast, which is a good, reliable company.
  • Champs Breathable Mouthguard – Another mid price option, Champs Breathable Mouthguard isn’t the best option on the market, but it’ll get the job done, and I have no complaints about it.

Do You Really Need a Mouthguard for Lifting?

To put it simply, you don’t need to wear a mouthguard for lifting weights. While it might not be necessary, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t, and it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad idea.

Especially if you’re lifting a lot of weight, wearing a mouthguard offers your mouth a good amount of protection. Powerlifters and weightlifters alike have been known to pass out on occasion, and you could have a pretty serious injury in your mouth if you don’t have any protection.

On top of the safety concerns, some people think that wearing a mouthguard actually gives you a boost in strength. There’s even a study showing that wearing a mouthguard and using it properly can actually increase your strength by 10%! That’s not insignificant.

While a mouthguard isn’t necessary, it’s not a bad idea. You can get some strength boosts, and protect your jaws, teeth, and tongue while you’re lifting.

How Long Do They Last?

I can’t give you a direct answer to this, because every situation is different. People use mouthguards for different things, people take care of their mouthguards differently, and each mouthguard is built differently.

This being said, if you get a high-quality mouthguard and take care of it properly, you could continue to use the same one for three to five years. If you buy a low-quality mouthguard and don’t take care of it, it could fall apart in a matter of months.

The key takeaway from this is that if you buy a good quality mouthguard, and take proper care of it, you can continue to use it for years at a time.