7 Easy Ways to Bring Your Protein Powder to the Gym

Protein powder is one of the most popular supplements used nowadays due to its numerous workout benefits from weight loss to muscle growth and maintenance. But what’s the best way to bring your protein powder to the gym?

The easiest way to bring protein powder to the gym is with a regular shaker bottle or a bottle with a storage container. This minimizes the number of things you need to bring with you and simplifies the entire process.

This being said, there are several other options you can choose from.

Many experts say consuming this supplement is most beneficial 30-45 minutes after a workout, which can be a challenge for gym-goers considering most protein powders come packaged in large bags or canisters that aren’t exactly convenient to lug around. Thankfully, there are easier ways to get your protein to the gym!

Scoop sitting on protein powder.

In this article, we’ve listed the seven best products for bringing protein powder to the gym. Each unique design has its own benefits that will allow you to store and carry the perfect amount of powder with you and leave that bulky packaging behind.

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Normal Shaker Bottle

The easiest way is to put the protein powder inside of your shaker bottle, and then take it to the gym. The only time you wouldn’t want to do this is if you’re pre-filling your shaker before you go to the gym, but let’s face it, nobody wants to drink 1-2 hour old milk.

I personally have used the shaker bottle from BlenderBottle for years, and it always works perfectly. You can check the current pricing and color options here.Opens in a new tab.

Putting your protein in your shaker bottle before you go to the gym allows you to simply fill the bottle up with your drink without having to move the protein powder at all.

It doesn’t get simpler than that!

Shaker Bottle with Storage Container

The only difference between this and the one I just mentioned is that this option has a storage container for you to put protein powder or other supplements into.

As an extra bonus, it’s even cheaper than the shaker bottle with no storage container.Opens in a new tab.

Shaker bottles are a favorite amongst athletes and workout enthusiasts who prioritize staying hydrated but also consume protein drinks regularly. The mixer balls or nets included in these bottles allows you to mix your protein powder into a smooth drink, free of any unpleasant clumps. 

The biggest advantage of BlenderBottle’s Shaker Bottle is its attachable storage container, which allows you to store 150cc of protein powder; the perfect amount for one protein drink.

Now, you don’t have to mix your protein drink at home and risk it getting nasty throughout your workout. Instead, you can wait until the moment you’re ready to drink it. 

Keychain Container

If you have plenty of water bottles already, we suggest looking into one of these other portable containers for your protein powder, starting with OnMyWhey’s keychain container.Opens in a new tab.

This three-pack of containers from OnMyWhey cover all the essentials. They are small enough in size to hold just enough protein powder for a single workout serving, but the container designs themselves also make filling and emptying your protein powder a breeze.

Woman making a protein shake.
A woman making a protein shake

Not only is a there a removable cap that allows you to cleanly funnel your protein powder into any water bottle but there is also a removable cap on the bottom of the container as well, allowing you to easily scoop protein powder inside rather than trying to tactfully load it through the small top lid.

To top it all off, each container is equipped with a standard carabiner clip that will attach to any workout bag.

Stackable Storage Container

Yes, these containers are originally labeled as being intended for baby formula or milk powder, but I promise they will work just as well for your protein powder and any other snacks and supplements you need on hand. 

Accmor’s stackable storage containersOpens in a new tab. are the optimal choice for anyone who needs to bring a variety of supplements to the gym, in addition to their protein powder, or needs more than just a single scoop of protein powder for their drinks. 

The container comes with four, 4-ounce stackable layers, a dispenser nozzle, and a handled lid. Because these layers are stackable, you can bring as many or as few as you need. And don’t worry; even if you decide to bring all components, this product only measures about 7.5 inches tall and 3.1 inches wide, making it easy to store in a bag or purse. 

Powdered Supplement Case

If you’re someone who frequents a particular gym, perhaps on your college campus or sports facility, you might have a personal locker where you can keep your protein powder. In these cases, I’d recommend opting for a supplement case over one of the single-use options previously listed. 

STAT’s fitness powdered supplement caseOpens in a new tab. is an exceptional option for anyone who wants to bring a week’s worth of protein powder to the gym without storing their large bulk container there instead. The case comes with four large and four small containers (all labeled with measurement lines) and a rubber funnel.

Anyone could easily store 5-7 days’ worth of protein powder in these bottles combined, depending on how much protein they consume in a serving, or they could fill certain bottles with other workout necessities. This hardcover case equipped with a zipper is also a great option for people who prefer to store their protein powder in a more secure but still highly portable container.

Powder Tube Containers and Travel Roll

A viable alternative to the potentially bulky STAT supplement case listed above is this supplement travel roll offered by MedCenter.Opens in a new tab.

Measuring at 6” long by 4” wide by 4” tall when rolled and full, this neoprene carrier can safely hold and organize up to 7 powder tubes measuring 5.9″ long by 1″ diameter and a small funnel. While they might be a bit small to contain one full serving of protein powder (each holds about 60 ml), they’re a mess-free and easy transportation option for your gym workouts.

Chocolate protein powder.
Chocolate protein powder

While this might not be sturdy as a hardcover case, the neoprene carrier’s material provides enough cushion to keep the powder tubes, and their contents, safe when stored in any bag, purse, or tote. Additionally, all items contained inside are further secured by a Velcro strap, ensuring the interior is tight enough that no tubes or other materials can fall out. 

Travel Dispenser

Again, don’t be fooled by the mention of baby powder in its title because it functions exactly how you’d need it to.

The Termichy travel dispenserOpens in a new tab. is the ultimate protein powder container for anyone who wants this supplement on-hand at the gym. The hard container has a 500 ml capacity and comes with a 4.5 mg scoop for easy measurements. 

In addition to these features, the dispenser also has a silicone sealing ring and buckle mechanism for an air-tight seal and strong close. The interior has a small shelf for leveling off your scoop, allowing precise measurements, and the lid interior has a fixture for convenient scoop storage. 

The dispenser can easily fit into any bag since it measures ‎5.24 x 4.33 x 4.09 inches, but it does come equipped with a silicone handle if you’d prefer to hasten it externally to something. 

Overall, this is undoubtedly the safest, most secure way to bring your protein powder to the gym, but it does have its drawbacks if you’re someone who prefers to only bring one serving in a tiny container or likes the freedom of one container that can separate your protein powder from other supplements.

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