About Simon Roemig


Simon Roemig is an undergraduate student of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has been a staff writer and content contributor since 2019. Simon is a dedicated powerlifter and trains in mixed martial arts.

Simon Roemig, a contributing writer for Powerful Lifting.

“Balancing lifting with engineering and music is tough, but rewarding. I am excited to share my experience with ambitious lifters like myself, who live multi-faceted lives and strive to make time for it all.”

-Simon Roemig


I began writing for Powerful Lifting in 2019 as an effort to help Pete expand his knowledge base and offer my perspective to the website. I strive to bring the best of my knowledge to the community, and seek to help others who want to balance multiple interests along with a career or education.

I had played sports since I was a little kid, but when I started lifting in high school I found that it was the athletic pursuit that fit me best. I became interested in the biomechanics and science of lifting in 2019 after my work at Minnetonka Research and learning about the research being done there on athletic performance.

After that, I reached out to Pete and was excited to be taken on as a contributing writer for the site. I am very proud to have been and continue to be a part of this growing community, and I hope to help as many people as I can to achieve their lifting aspirations.

In addition to my work here, I am an undergraduate student of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I look forward to bringing more of my knowledge of materials to the site, as the composition of our gear and equipment has a huge impact on how we train.

Balancing my education, lifting, music, and contributions to this site poses a challenge for me, but it’s one I am eager to embrace and hope I can learn and guide others to never be afraid to take on new goals and aspirations. My goal is to create content to help you balance your lifting passion with the rest of your life.


University of Wisconsin, Madison School of Engineering

Simon Roemig is a student in the Materials Science and Engineering Major. He has research experience in the fields of materials science, acoustics, and frequency analysis.

Powerlifting/Mixed Martial Arts

Simon Roemig has been an active powerlifter since 2017 and began mixed martial arts training in 2018.


I grew up in Excelsior, a small town in the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota. I played soccer, basketball, and tennis as a kid but found my passion for lifting in high school. I honed my musical skill and passions for math and science in high school as well.

I started lifting because I wanted to get stronger and because I had friends who were already experienced. Since then, I’ve become a dedicated powerlifter. I took up mixed martial arts informally by teaching myself for a few months, and then trained formally after that with a coach.

Getting to contribute to such a well organized and credible organization like Powerful Lifting is an incredible privilege, and writing for the site is fantastic.

Aside from college and Powerful Lifting, music is the biggest part of my life. I am a classical and jazz trained trumpet player, and I also play bass. I am currently working on a self titled album with a friend from high school who studies at Oberlin Conservatory, in Ohio!